Feature                                               Plan A         Plan B         Plan C

Monthly Cost                                     $20.00         $50.00         $80.00

Setup Fee                                           $25.00         $50.00         $80.00

Domain Name Hosting                        No               Yes             Yes

Domain Name Cost                            N/A             $35.00         $35.00 hosting       Yes             Yes             Yes

Web Space                                        10 MB         100MB        150MB

E-mail Accounts                                 5                 Unlimited     Unlimited

Web Based E-mail                              Yes             Yes             Yes

Unlimited FTP Access                        Yes             Yes             Yes

Unlimited Traffic                                Yes             Yes             Yes

CGI Support                                      Yes             Yes             Yes

ASP Support                                     Yes             Yes             Yes

Perl Support                                       Yes             Yes             Yes

Front Page 2000 Extensions                Yes             Yes             Yes

Interdev                                             Yes             Yes             Yes

Log files                                             No               Yes             Yes

Database support   (Access)               Yes             Yes             Yes

SQL database available ($50/Mo)        No               Yes             Yes

SSL Support                                      No               Yes             Yes

Verity Collections Search Engine         No               Yes             Yes

E-Commerce Cart                              No               Yes             Yes

Cold Fusion Support                          Yes             Yes             Yes


Plan A is recommended for start-up pages, simple hosting for development work, and temporary sites that will have an end date such as event registration pages.


Plans B and C are full fledged domain hosting accounts providing all the functionality of the web and all the most popular platforms such as ASP, Perl, and Cold Fusion.  SQL database support is available, as well as a chat server, and development for entire sites or portions of sites.


Other features are available, e-mail to inquire about features not listed here.