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Family Webs

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Learn languages

Educational Online Games


Web Development

  • Basic HTML (NCSA Site) - Web development language
  • Dream Weaver - Web development tool from Macromedia
  • Front Page - Web development tool from Microsoft
  • Infinite Fish - A load of backgrounds, free if you put in a credit line
  • LIFT - standards for making web pages handicap accessible
  • FlashCam by NexusConcepts - record captures with sound, into movies
  • SnagIt by TechSmith- record screen captures with annotations.
  • DubIt by TechSmith - record, import and edit audio for images and AVIs
  • Respondus - exam creation tool for Blackboard®
  • Questionmark - exam creation tool for Blackboard®
  • Wytheville CC Bb Quiz Generator - exam creation tool for Blackboard®
  • SWiSH - for creating Flash type files with an easier learning curve.

Homeschooling Sites

  • ABC Teach - Activities, Maps, Certificates and more for elementary teachers
  • Ed Helper - Lesson plans, worksheet generator and lots of other ed material
  • 50 States - Information on the states, their constitutions, admission to statehood, et
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