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"The readiness is all."  
Hamlet, Act V, Scene 2

Beth Ardoin

Beth Ardoin has a BA in Speech Education (public speaking, debate and
theater) from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is employed by the Office of Academic Computing at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UT-H) where she leads a team to create courseware for medical students. She also creates learning ware for state projects, and teaches Internet courses to faculty, staff and students at UT-H. She is actively involved in home schooling, works part-time on web development projects at Start-at-Zero and is currently seeking a masters in Instructional Technology at the University of Houston. She can be reached electronically at beth@start-at-zero.com.

Author Comments

I was surprised at how exciting this project turned out to be.  More than just a collection of research, I've found educators, students and colleagues were all very interested in communicating about multiculturalism.  Every person that I spoke to in connection with the research and those who took the time for general conversation, all felt a need to encourage acceptance of cultures without bias.  The most important thing that I feel I learned was the need for direction.  It seems that the norm WANTS to accept the multiculturalism in America, but as individuals, we feel we do not know how to accept the culture of others without losing our own.  It is a place for growth, for all, as individuals, as groups, as a nation, as part of this world. It is my sincere hope that this site is used to help people learn to be more accepting.  And, that people will offer suggestions that lead from bias to uniting us. 

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