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The Evaluation

The evaluation of this module was done in a computer lab. The computers were Intel machines running Netscape Navigator 4.51, Real Media, and were multimedia ready.

The evaluators were 13 teachers from local school districts. These teachers and their colleagues would later have the option of using the CD or going to the training lectures. All of the teachers in the evaluation were present specifically for TPRI training. They had varying degrees of computer experience.

Each person was given a packet. The packet included a CD, a list of the computer requirements for properly running the CD, a business card (contact names and phone numbers), and an evaluation form. The packets were created to model what the schools should receive with the final version of the CD when distributed by the Texas Education Agency.

After being introduced to the items in their packet, they removed the CD from the packet loaded the CD information onto their screen. They had 40 minutes to access the information and ask questions.

The positive comments included ease to return to the beginning of the module, user friendly, and allowed them to leave the session and return. Several mentioned that they liked the ease of navigation and training at their own pace. Organization was important to them and some mentioned that the resources were easy to reach and the information was well organized. One teacher, planning to train others, said she would like to use the CD in her training sessions. She said that some schools did not have the funds to send teachers to training workshops so this would allow them to be properly trained and not at a disadvantage.

Another question on the evaluation was which element of the module they liked the best. Items listed in this response area include the video, actual students being portrayed and case studies. Several noted that they liked seeing elements of the inventory being modeled.

When asked if there was difficulty in running the module on the computers, some mentioned that the sound was not loud enough to be played in a lab with 12 other machines running sound also. This will be noted in the information page within the packet. The CD is not envisioned as being used in a lab unless headphones are used. No other problems were reported on the evaluation.

In looking for improvement, the group was asked what they would suggest changing, adding or eliminating. Only four evaluations had suggestions, while most just stated that they would not make changes. One of the suggestions included reviewing the Test Your Knowledge questions. She felt some of them were vague and needed rewording. Another suggestion was that a lesson plan example be included showing use of the Intervention Activities. The third suggestion was that the Power Point Presentations should have a way to easily get back to the module main page. Lastly, that the presentation should work on the Macintosh platform.

Questions on the Evaluation Form

Click here to go to a copy of the Evaluation Form placed into training packets for the evaluation.

Steps to Take

Some of the changes made/planned on the CD are to:

  1. add some pages that they specifically designed to be printed
  2. add a print icon so that the "print" pages are easily identified
  3. make the program load up automatically once the disc is inserted in the CD drive
  4. add to the instruction sheet the instructions for Macintosh platform (The CD does work on the Mac platform, but the instructions

All of these items will be easy to implement before the next set of CD's are burnt.