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Endeavors to Educate:

Internet Resources

These programs may be of use to teachers in the classroom. Whether they are appropriate for your class, though, depends on several other salient points. Please consider:

By now, you have probably thought of a list of questions of your own. If so, good! If you still want to try some online activities, here are some resources. All are free to use unless otherwise stated. I have viewed, played and found use for all of these tools. Hope this helps you in your personal or professional endeavors to educate.

Teams at computer: Science projects:

Teams at computer: Art Projects:
Teams at computer: Geography/Geology lessons
Teams at computer: Foreign Languages
Teams at computer: Math problems

Individuals at computer: History project

History #1

What was going on in history the day you were born? This site will guide students to sites to find the answer to this question. It has links to news events, literature, music, television, audio clips and images, even animation for fun "looking" pages. Student hand outs are available through the site also.



These sites still to be reviewed/added

paper (everything from making paper airplanes, to making paper)
plus, language, space and chocolate (with audio on the medical effects), plus back issues on memory and hair (under other issues)

has 6 links in science. all might be useful. I think there were other categories too.

Have ideas of your own, send the URL. I will view as quickly as I can. Beth.D.Ardoin@oac.hsc.uth.tmc.edu