Picture 4.1
As you would expect, the rivers are great for fishing and kayaking.. Among the beautiful waterways in Nosara are the Rio Montana and Rio Nosara. Pictures 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 show tourists kayaking to explore the area. Riparian areas (the strip of land along waterways) in Costa Rica are protected from development, and as a result, kayakers have much to see. There are many varieties of plant types with water birds, such as heron and kingfishers, and iguanas sunning themselves on the banks.

Picture 4.2

Picture 4.3


Walking is much more common in Nosara than in Houston. The lush forests as well as fields of tall grasses are relaxing and filled with the wonders of nature. There are more photos of some of the flowers, animals and insects in other sections. The one thing you didn't have to look for was a scenic view. Everywhere you pointed your camera, the sites were amazing.

Picture 4.4
This picture is just a sample of the natural beauty of the area. The natives often take tourists to this spot while touring the countryside.

Picture 4.5

And if walking is not your style, maybe a soft gallop along the beach like the group pictured in Picture 4.6? A popular activity is horseback riding on the beach. On the trip, tourists can see the beach up close and also get a panoramic view.

While viewing this picture, you may notice how rough the seas are. At the time this picture was taken, Tropical Storm Barry was brewing in the Caribbean, causing the seas to be rough. Because of the small size of Costa Rica, a storm in the Caribbean affects the Pacific coast.

Picture 4.6

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