Lectures on Costa Rica

The trip for class included lectures on Costa Rica from Dr. Alfonso Mata.

Dr. Mata, shown at right in Picture 5.1, is a consultant from the Tropical Science Center. 

Here is his outline plus our summaries:

Spanish Classes

Amy Bradford happened to attend the trip with us. We were delighted when she offered to give us an introduction to conversational Spanish.  We learned about some of the basics of counting, making introductions, ordering breakfast, and working with Costa Rican money (colones). Our thanks to Amy for her time and humor. We were especially thrilled that Lola decided to join in on our class. (Sorry, for those that did not attend, we cannot explain that comment.)

Excursions and Classes

Joe, with the help of Wendy, led us on daily walks, kayak trips and jeep tours to see the area, pointing out the natural beauty of the area and showing us why Nosara is so special to him. Joe has an Associate of Science in Environmental Marine Science Technology. He has spent time doing environmental studies and water quality profiles. His concern for education goes back to his stay in Key West, Florida. There he worked with the local community college through students and internships. Working with nature is fun and rewarding; Joe is the first to attest to that.

Joe said, "I thought the week was a success and would jump at the opportunity to expand on the idea and make it more enjoyable and up the educational content. It was a positive experience for me and I hope your group as well."

Suggestions for the Next Class's Notes

It would be impossible to even assume that we could cover all information about Costa Rica from five days of lectures and nine days of travel. So, we have attempted to include some of the overview of the area of Nosara and some of the excitement we experienced. Collectively, the five team members gathered a list of questions that the next class might attempt to answer, developing further this website or creating their own.

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