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Both partners took part in the pre-production planning. For several weeks, there were 2-3 hour organizational meeting with the team and Trish Smith. At these meetings, which were mostly brainstorming sessions, we discussed camera angles, shots that might be taken and shooting locations and the focus of the videos. We also used this time to make storyboards with stick figure drawings and sticky notes. The drawings on sticky notes turned out to be a very good idea. They were so easily rearranged to move an idea around in a single video or to move it to a different video.

Examples  of storyboards (click on any of them below to see the storyboard):

conventional writer
novice writer
novice independent reader
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Creating the "Shoot List"

Part of the Pre-production phase was to create the list of items we needed to take on the shoot.  Here is our list:

Two digital Canon camcorders with chargers
Two tripods
Digital camera
Two lights
Two light stands
One light umbrella
Two set of ear phones
Two cables with adapters
Two video cassettes
One Mavica, with charger
Disk for digital camera
Cardioid microphone
Lavalier microphone
Microphone stand
Two power strips
Two extension cords
Books, crayons, paper and pencils
Floor rug
Table and chairs (child size)
Big stuffed animal


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