Beth's Scrapbook

We are often so far from each other that sharing pictures and moments are difficult.  Sometimes there are things that I have done, or seen, that I would love to share with you.  So, I am creating this scrapbook of pictures that will be available to family and friends.  Enjoy, peruse, share a minute and, above all, smile for just a moment!
  - Beth




WebNet97 Meeting Beth at CN tower in Toronto, Canada Beth sitting Beth, at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto Canada, November 1997.  Taken by Steve Maupin
Beth, in front of the American falls at Niagra Falls, Canada, November 1997. Taken by Steve Maupin
pic of a pretty tree leaves in Toronto A pretty tree in the downtown area of Toronto Canada, November 1997. Taken by Beth Ardoin. Also, fun in falling leaves, same date and place. Photo by Steve Maupin.
photo of squirrel with Beth photo of squirrel with Beth photo of squirrel with Beth Beth playing with the squirrels. Toronto, Canada, November 1997. Photos by Steve Maupin.
The Elissa, 1877 Tall Ship Elissa's sails Look at those sails!  Scene from on the ship, November 1997. Taken by Jeff Watson.
Elissa, 1877 Tall Ship Elissa sailing.  Scene from shore, November 1997. Permission by Jeff Watson.
Photos from Italy photo of beth in Italy Beth sitting on top of wall near Siena, Italy, January 1997.
Photo from church beth and Jene't Church photo of some of family for church membership book.
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