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Here are some possibilities to think about. At any design meeting we'll have to discuss possibilities you want to build into the site. Flexibility is easier to build in than to add later, if we plan for certain features they'll be easier to add later. In thinking about the site, these are some ideas to.

  • E-mail for members. This is easy to do and a great added feature.
  • Segmented security model will allow different levels of access, for instance general users and advertisers can all be kept separate.
  • A database may be valuable. Consider what information will need to be updated often and whether it would be easier to fill that into a form or write it in HTML Your site CAN be tailored to the individual customer.
  • You should include several types of advertising, banner ads, static graphics. That stuff may excite people once they come to your site, but the next two items are just as important.
  • Once the site is complete, advertise it everywhere: on your letterhead, business cards, flyers, etc. Even consider advertising it on vendor's products, promotional stuff, etc.
  • Once the site is built, the work is not done. You must remember to put keywords in the documents, name all documents with "title tags" and enter they mail URL into the database of major search tools.
  • I don't know what kind of site you have in mind yet, but these are some possibilities. The team at Start-at-Zero is ready to help you build your business on the web.

Start-at-Zero team